I have seen and done many interesting things during my travels around this world.  I have met and enjoyed the friendship of many different folks. But some of the most important things I have learned is to know where you come from, how you got to where you are, and where you're going to go next. Little did I know......

When I was asked to stand for this office, it was quite humbling that those who did so would consider me worthy of their support.  This is something I have taken very seriously.  I do not bring to the table any vested interest other than that of a citizen and taxpayer willing to work for what I believe in.  I realize that there will be successes and that there will be shortcomings.  I realize that there will be times when personal commitment and political reality do not agree.  I will not promise what I know I cannot deliver. I will accept responsibility and be accountable for the decisions I make as your Commissioner.  I will demand fiscal responsibility and accountability at all levels of county government.  I will also remind all of you of your individual responsibility as a citizen to be active in your government, to participate as best you can, when and where you can.   During my service in the strategic plan development process, I spoke with people in every corner of the county, from North Chatham to Bennett, from Silk Hope to Moncure, from Siler City to Goldston to Pittsboro, and was struck by the commonality of the desires of all in providing for their families and their communities the best future they could. All of these voices deserve to be heard.  Together we can achieve. Divided, we will surely fail.  And, if you remember anything that I say at all, remember this- whether for me or for someone else, VOTE! It is your Right, it is your Responsibility, it is your Obligation. Be a part of the solution.
Ready for take-off
Gittin' wet
Working a tough crowd.